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04 August 2010 @ 02:29 pm
"Unless you wish to decompose further, in which case go and do so by the bird feeder."  
Been talking shop with RI, Grundi and Creed this last week, and I think we've got the basics of our games hashed out. I've got my puzzle design pretty much sewn up, and have started to compile the rooms I'll be needing. I'm excited by the prospect of each game reintroducing different sets of the cast - filtering 80 games worth of story into the bare bones needed for others to carry it on without having to have played them all beforehand and know every little detail, one of the main reasons for RON falling by the wayside in the last few years.

Likewise, I'm enthusiastic about setting this mini-series a good five years or so after the last released game. It's the perfect opportunity to have familiar characters undergo development and do something interesting with them, along with giving them a bit of breathing space. I can understand why things like Doctor Who and Tales of Monkey Island did something similar - trying to re-introduce a series and designing it so that only longterm fans will derive any enjoyment or understanding of it is one of the worst things you can possibly do, short of making every story a sequel to a previous one and existing only to plug plotholes and fix broken continuity. At some point, you need to stop rehashing everything that's come before and actually start telling some new stories.

Hopefully, that's exactly what we'll end up doing. I'm certainly intrigued by Creed's possible idea for using Mary the telepathic fox in a game featuring hunting. Sounds like the ingredients for pure undiluted whimsy.